3rd Grade Lesson 1: Welcome to your Blog!

A “Blog” is a tool on the Internet that will let you “publish” your writing, pictures, and even videos for anyone in the world to see. We are going to use this blog this year to publish your African Travel Brochures.

Here’s what how we’re going to get started:

1. Learning how to get to our blog

– open “Safari” to browse the Internet from your “Dock”

– type in our blog address: ps130.wordpress.com

2. Learning how to LOG IN

– find the link on the right side of the blog that says “Login” and click it

– type your username ps130student password: *******, check the box that says “Remember Me” and click “Log In” on the bottom right corner

– you should see the main page of the blog with a blue bar at the top IF YOU DON’T SEE A BLUE BAR, then hit the “Refresh” button at the top of Safari

3. Learning how to LEAVE A COMMENT, and understanding our project

click on this link, to see Jose from PS124’s post about African Animals

– tell Jose what you think of his blog “Post” by leaving a Comment at the bottom of his blog post

4. Learning how to MAKE A POST
– click on “New Post” on the blue bar at the top of your blog window

– type a title for your post (for example: “African Travel, by Mr. Rhys”)

– click on the category box next to your class number, and “African Travel Brochure”

– click “Save and Continue Editing”

– type your African Travel Brochure info

– click “Save”

5. Finding your Saved blog Post

– once you are logged in, you can click “Dashboard” on the blue bar at the top of your blog window, and then click “Write”

– you will see a blue line that says “your drafts”, look for the title of the blog post you saved, click it, and continue writing

Next Time

We will search the Internet for a photo that will illustrate a detail in your writing, then add that photo into your blog post!

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