What’s your favorite first grade memory?


Today we are going to write about our favorite part of first grade.

Leave a “Comment” on this blog “Post” with your memory by clicking the title of the post.

Don’t forget to write your name at the bottom of your comment, like this:

Aldin, 1-206


Ms. Feliciano, Ms. Silver, Ms. Meade, and Ms. Valentino

53 thoughts

  1. I liked when we went on trips together. Bow ling was a lot of fun. I think your favorite song was Who Let the Dog Out!
    Field day was a blast. I especially liked running after all of you and spraying you with water!
    I will miss you, and hope you have a great summer.
    : ) Ms. Silver

  2. I like it when it was writing workshop and when i made a book when i made book i had a lot of fun and when we play at gym time we hade fun fun fun!!!

  3. Hi ms feliciano I see that the first graders are smart. we think they are smarter than fourh graders. Daniel

  4. my favorite part was when i played foot ball with matthews dad and matthew, aldin, jalen, marcelino at feild day.

  5. my favorite part of frst grade is when we went to the
    feild day we playd foot ball with winston, marcelino, aldin
    brian marlon.

  6. my favorite part of frist grade is when we went to feild day and i played foot ball with me,winston,matthew,marcelino,brian and marlon.

  7. i like going to gym and trips or choice time projects too and the best think i am going to miss is my frineds and My Techer to for ervr and my class.

  8. i like frst grad becuse i love felday becuse i played foot ball because it was fun and i was played with jeremy dahjvon and me were on teams vs isaiah and isaiah’s dad. my team won.

  9. my favorite part si whenwe wentto feid ayanditwas
    fun and the teacherh had fun.

  10. Hey First Grade…..

    Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful memories of 1st Grade. Hope you make many more memories as you graduate to 2nd Grade!

    Ms. Hindy

  11. i liked the ice cream they made in the carnivil.
    i even liked when my class was rideing on the
    hey stack truck.

  12. First Graders — YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

    52 comments! Your teachers are going to learn how to make new posts today so you can write about new things.

    Keep it up, and visit the blog over the summer!

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

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