Reminder: No last names on student signatures!

I love the action we’re seeing on the blog so far!  Keep it up!

I’ve been watching the student comments roll in today, and I’ve noticed a few kids have written their last names when signing their comments or posts.  For their safety and privacy we want to keep their last names off of the site.

Blog on…

Mr. Rhys, The Media Spot

4 thoughts

  1. Hi Rhys,
    We’ll watch out for last names. Ms. Meade tried to post comments today, but access was denied due to inappropriate words. The kids stretched out their words! What can we do?
    Ms. Silver

  2. Hey,
    I’ll check it out and see if I can find the offensive word(s). It may have to do with sports — which are banned, unfortunately.
    Since you are interested in the blog, we should register you for a user account with Check out this post on blogging and download the PDF document I made with instructions if you want to sign up on your own, and I’ll add you as a user on the blog. That way you’ll be able to go behind the scenes and edit kids comments and posts.
    I’ll be in on Thursday and Monday mornings.
    Mr. Rhys

  3. OK,
    As I suspected, there were a lot of comments with words that are banned by the DOE: football, basketball, and bowling 🙄

    I logged in to the blog (which you can do once you have an account), and clicked ‘edit this’ next to the title of each offending comment. Then I broke the words up to say “foo tball”, “bas ket ball”, and “bow ling”. Sorry for making your kids spelling look bad!

    Hope that works.
    By the way — I was able to see them all from PS124 this morning — not blocked…

    Let me know if this helped,
    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  4. Thanks Rhys
    It did help. I never knew that foot ball and base ball were offensive.
    We’ll see you tomorrow.

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