Foods in Nigeria

Nigerian food is spicy. They use hot peppers and it gives tears in your eyes. They have sauces, made from different peppers or peanuts. Cassava melons are made from millet grass. The roots and seeds are pounded in the grain.

Rice is subsituted as dipping ingredients of stews of fish, chicken, and a variety of meats. Yam is a plentiful vegetable. Nigerias favorite fruits and kola nuts are much valued.

Nigerian people drink coffe to stay awake. Beer is very common also.

It is a picture of Nigerian food
sincerly, Leora 3-301

4 thoughts

  1. Leora I really like what you did but the more I look at your pichture it makes me hungry.


  2. Where can you find this Nigerian food Restaurants in California? In fact I do not see any African food restaurants in California?

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