My travel brochure on Ethiopia, Tiffany


Getting married in Ethiopia is different than getting married in the U.S. Girls that are under 18 are allowed to get married. But in the rural aural they do not obey the law and girls that are 10 or 8 get married. Women have to do all the work, the cleaning cooking buy food from the market. Ethiopia temperatures rang from hot to mild.In the hight of the elevation, Ethiopia temperatars stay mild. Runing is the most famous thing.I think it is very hard so the people who are runing they have to work practice very hard whrn they are on the track. John iv as emperor for the seventeen years. During his reing,that he faced many chall enges,both from within the empire and from the outside forces.the capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. Tiffany.
Ethiopia miss universe

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