South African Apartheid, Justin

Aparthied is no more in South Africa, but in the 1820s South Africa was ruled by white people. Black people were treated unfairly. If you live near a city and work you can go in. In the 1950s the government had apartheid. Black people were forced to live in homelands, which were in the poorest of the South African countryside. Black people and white people could not sit next to each other on bues and trains. For many years laws apartheid was divied. Black people and were unable to change thing because they had no rights to vote. In the 1970’s and 1980’s began to rebel against white goverment. South Africa was unable to enter world sports. In 1994 South Africans alowed to vote because of Nelson Mandela and she became presdent.

JUSTIN 3-302

3 thoughts

  1. nice picture just playing its very nice but u should tell people what the thing that the man is sittiong on

  2. add more pictures justin it will look much better and dont tell on me imm just telling u what u can do to your page


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