Welcome to the PS130 Intervention Blog update

This will be the area where all teachers Intervention and Classroom Teachers will be able to gain lots of knowledge of the Intervention field. This section will include information on SETSS, ESL, Speech, AIS services, PPC meetings, and other services by Ms. Capua and Ms. Rutigliano as well. This is not officially begun as of yet. Please be patient and we will be updating you on our services to your children soon.

Thank you,

The Intervention Team.

3 thoughts

  1. Hey Team,
    You will be able to find all info related to the Intervention Blog by choosing the category “Intervention” from the list of categories on the side column.

  2. I wanted to let you know that all your children are coming along so well in my groups. They have come such a long way in a short time. I will continue working teaching them the proper strategies to use for their reading. If you could just remind them as I do to practice the strategies I have showed them in class. Any questions you have feel free to leave me a message.

    Mr. Stegman

  3. I wanted to up date you on the progress of all your children. Your children are coming along very nicely. Unfortunately, there are some children that think they can come here and fool around. Please inform them that is a time to learn and get the help they need. Also, please remind them that all these students that come to me need to practice these strategies back in the classroom when they read. I only have them for 20 minutes at a time so I am just there to re-teach them or assist in teaching them the strategies they need to know to become better more fluent readers.

    The one thing I tell the children is the more you practice in anything the better you get, whether it is reading or riding a bicycle or playing your favorite sport.


    Mr. Stegman

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