Social Studies Update and Newsflash!!!!

Attention Teachers:

There are videos available for Social Studies (History, Government, Politics, etc..) This site allows teachers to add video materials to all their class resource lists. This is a TRIAL PERIOD! This is only for FREE during the FALL. You have to sign up at This information is from NBC news archives.

Ms. Pinnock

4 thoughts

  1. Ms. Pinnock, I went to this site and found it to be very informative and helpful. It”s a huge source of information. For instance, you can share and find lesson plans on many different topics with teachers from all over in the “swap shop” and the “teacher’s lounge”!! Everyone, I think it is a good “bookmark” on your computer when you are searching for info on many different subjects!

  2. Ms. Pinnock,
    Nice to meet you (on the computer). I edited your post to make a live link — that is, so people can click on it to visit I did that by dragging the mouse over the address to highlight it, then I clicked the link icon (looks like a little link in a chain) in the toolbar above the post box and typed the address in where it told me to.

    I’ll see you at the PD session next Tuesday.

  3. Andy,

    When i went to this site and looked around it seems like it is a pretty cool free website. Here is some information for you on the website if you have not checked it out yet. Pretty much before i give you a more descriptive response from the website. It is a way you can keep yourself in order and your students can access it to collaborate with you and one another. You can also communicate with parents if need be or they can keep on top of their child. Here is what i copied from the website to give you more of a background on it.

    Who is HotChalk for?

    HotChalk is for teachers, students and parents from grades 12 and below. Teachers can use HotChalk to manage their coursework, collaborate with their students, and communicate with parents. Students can organize their work online in a centralized location. Parents can stay current with their child’s schoolwork and their teachers.

    In addition, we have plans for adding features and tools for school administrators.

    Any other information you need check it out and sign up its free and very worth the time..


    Mr. Stegman

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