Neve’s Classroom

We recently published our small moments/personal narrative writing pieces. Our stories are placed for all to admire and read in our writing center. Now class 2-407 and I are anticipating our new writing unit… where we will be studying the craft of Vera B. Williams… an author that we love!!!

6 thoughts

  1. Ms. Neve…

    I have an idea!!!! Maybe the next time you are publishing, some of your students can prepare their work on the computer. Then you will have some of them prepared on the word processor and this will help them get familiar with the computers!!!!!

    Ms. Hindy

  2. Ms. Hindy,

    That sounds like a lovely suggestion… do you know what else would be great… if you could put the password in my computer so that the final installation process for some educational games I just bought could be completed??? please ;o)

  3. Ms. Neve,

    I heard or read your question for Hindy and we will get on that next week some time.

    Does she know what educational games you bought? What exact password are you looking for? I might be able to help you as well.

    Mr. Stegman

  4. Have fun studying Vera B. Williams. She is one of our favorites. Last year, after reading A Chair for My Mother, our whole school collected coins and, after a month, donated the money to Meals on Wheels. It was really rewarding!
    K. Lane, Librarian, PS 124

  5. Isn’t this great????!!!! We have teachers outside of PS 130 who are reading our blog and commenting!!! Thanks Ms. Lane at PS 124 for visiting!!!!

  6. Ms. Lane,

    It was great that you payed a visit to our blog. It is really a nice thing to be communicating with another school who is blogging as well.

    Together we will move into the future of this wide vast world of technology.

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