Reflections on the Blogging PD | November 6

Thanks to all who participated in today’s PD sessions.

Below are links to feedback on todays session, ideas for how teachers may use the blog, and obstacles teachers see to using the blog. The Tech Committee will keep this feedback in mind when putting together the school tech plan.

My Notes

Today’s workshops were a great step forward. There is a wide range of experience on the staff in regards to using computers, and “web 2.0” software like blogs. Almost everyone was able to leave a comment and make a blog post — which is all there is to it! So far we have 17 staff members signed up for personalized user accounts, which is more than I’d expected!

NOTE: If you do not use the blog routinely, it’s easy to forget the steps — so hang on to the directions! If you lose them you can download them here, or ask a savvy teacher for help.

Next Steps

  • Leave a comment to this post with your reflections
  • Log in and post about anything you want to share with the community
  • Post about something you’d like to do with your students, and get help from Rhys
  • Make a post for your students to respond to with comments
  • Have fun with your new website!
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One thought

  1. Tech Team,
    I am sorry I missed your call yesterday afternoon. I am available this Friday to recap and talk through our next steps.

    Let me know if there is a time that works for you to discuss:
    1. reflections on the PD session,
    2. continuing to build the audience to the blog (i.e. informally going room to room for a while and continuing to post valuable info),
    3. focusing on “lab classes” in the 3rd and 4th grade to develop some curriculum-based projects utilizing blogging and the Internet.

    See you soon!

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