Panoramic Photo of school


I changed the header.  I think you told me you wanted to do it but I am impatient and I did it myself.  I am sorry about that but it actually was very easy and looks very good.
Let me know what you think. 🙂

MarcPanoramic picture of PS 130

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2 thoughts

  1. That’s GREAT!
    I didn’t want to put too much on your plate, but obviously, you can handle it. I’m glad you figured that out. And I’m glad you updated your account photo… Big improvement 🙂

  2. You would never put to much on my plate. I am always up for the challenge. 🙂 I enjoy learning new things but i was nervous doing it because I heard Ms. Hindy messed it up once and you had to fix it. 🙂 Yes i changed my picture again. The last one was my wife but I wanted it to change pics as you have it but I can not figure that out. Hmmmmm. Also i looked at 124’s Blog and they have their school over the custom header we had before. How did they do that?

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