Introduction to iMovie, First Grade

Today we are introducing the first grade classes to the iMovie video editing program on the Apple/Mac computers.


  • create simple slide show presentations using digital photos and student narration
  • develop teachers’ understanding of how iMovie can work in the classroom
  • get students to understand that making a movie is an alternative way to communicate a message, just like writing


  • bring students to computers with Rhys working modeling the editing process on a computer next to teachers and students on a neighboring computer
  • import all photos on digital cameras into all computers being used
  • have students open iMovie on all computers with teachers helping
  • add photos to the timeline — allow students to change the sequence of the images by dragging and dropping
  • record 1 line of narration per student
  • rotate to a new group of students

One thought

  1. Rhys:

    Unfortunately I am not there to see this. This sounds like a great start for the first grade classes. I hope everything runs smoothly. Let me know how it goes.

    Mr. Stegman

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