Security on the Blog!!!!!! Establishing Routines for Technology Use!

security-cloth-badges.jpgPS 130 has a great fleet of technology resources up and coming. We need to establish some rules for using and sharing them in good shape, and getting good use.

Below is a list of basics for students and teachers.

Student and Teacher Safety

  • Sign your work with FIRST NAMES ONLY! (If you want to establish “code names” with your students for the blogs, that’s another layer of safety)
  • Never share personal information over the Internet
  • DO NOT type email addresses
  • DO NOT type last names
  • DO NOT type home addresses or phone numbers

There are some more possible security measures that are in the works. These security measures will be introduced to the Tech Team after the vacation. If they are considered, they will be added to the BLOG SECURITIES.

Consider this a draft!!! Please make suggestions, and add rules you establish in your classroom to these by leaving Comments to this Post.

Mr. Stegman

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5 thoughts

  1. Mr. Stegman,
    Nice job taking the initiative on online safety!

    I suggest that we make this a permanent “page” on both the student and staff blogs. I will start a draft of the page that we can continue to edit as new policies are developed.

  2. Thank you Rhys.

    I want everyone to be safe while using our blog. Anyway I agree we should make this a permanent page. I got a question, When are we meeting about introducing the classroom passwords into the mix? I know I am out until Wednesday due to a death in the family. I want to introduce it or bring it up at the next Technology meeting. Which brings me to my next question, When is the next Tech Team meeting?

    Mr. stegman

  3. Marc….
    I am in the process of getting a meeting called sometime in the next week or so, so that we can talk about security protocol and passwords, and anything else that has to do with Internet safety for our community. I’ll keep you posted!


  4. Hey Guys,
    I added to what Marc wrote and created an “Online Safety” “Page” that appears in the main menu of the blog. Let’s get our ducks in a row before that meeting (which I’d love to be in on). I’ll be in Monday and Friday of next week, and I’m open after 3rd period on Monday to meet. Friday will be a little more full. I can do afterschool as well.

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