Security Plan for Individual Classrooms

It is coming to the New Year and SECURITY has been a big issue in the last few meetings for the Tech Team members. I proposed a plan that we will be devising, that all classrooms will have their own passwords to use when they login to the blog. This way it is much more safe and secure. Secure being the key word. We want to have a safe environment for our students and teachers. When this plan is started you will be the first to know, as you will be asked to pick a password for your class. Only your class should know this password. Please explain to your students that this password is not to be shared with their friends. Everyone will still be able to see your posts.

I decided to come up with this security idea because I was visiting another blog and some random person got onto the blog and started leaving messages about his company. So he was promoting something that had nothing to do with the blog. Now this does not sound so bad but it could have been a lot worse then that. We went to prevent people from getting into our website and doing that.

So please bare with us while we complete this security measure. If you have any questions leave me a message on the blog.

Hope everyone has/had a safe and Happy New Year.

Mr. Stegman

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