Technology Planning Page

The “Tech Planning” page has been created for tech team members to plan meetings, and informally discuss day-to-day technology issues.  The page is password protected to avoid confusion with other community issues presented on this blog.  If you are a member of the tech team, please see Mr. Stegman, Mr. Rhys, or Ms. Hindy for the password.

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2 thoughts

  1. Guys,
    I put these pages together to discuss next time I’m in. It would be for tech team discussions that don’t need to go on the main blog page (like this one 🙂 .

    This is up for discussion of course. I password protected it so we can talk freely about scheduling, etc. without worrying about privacy concerns. I’ll email you guys the password, and we can discuss next time I come in (Monday).

  2. Hey Rhys…..

    This sounds like a good plan. Marc and I both read this and agree with you about not having everything on the blog! It’s a good idea. See you Monday!


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