Storyboarding our 3rd grade slide show videos

After we create our script, we are going to draw storyboards to plan how our video shots will look.

For an explanation of how to make your storyboards effective download this document: PS 130 Storyboarding Guide.

Also, here is a template for building a story using storyboards: Creating your Storyboards

Here are some examples of other peoples’ storyboards — look for how they use wide shots, mid shots and close ups to tell their stories:

* working at a desk (3 shots)

* multiple samples

* a cowboy fight (many shots)

* wrestling for a toaster (many shots)


1. Let’s watch the PS 124 3-307 video illustration and create storyboards for their 3 shots.

2. Everyone draw 3 ‘frames’ that look like TV screens on a blank sheet of paper, and draw 3 shots that tell the story you wrote in your 3 sentence script.

2 thoughts

  1. Rhys:

    I watched that storyboard from the Ps 124 blog and it was so cute and funny. THe peanut butter and jelly. It came out so good. Is this what we are eventually going to do at PS 130?


  2. We’re getting there! We’re starting with slide show videos in iMovie using still images. This let’s kids do hands-on work with video editing without the complexity of video clips, and without the extra time it takes to shoot video in class.

    Once they’re done with these slide show videos, the teachers will have the option to move on to “moving pictures” like in the video illustration you watched.

    Hopefully it’s cute and funny, but it’s also a way of establishing a connection between communication through writing and digital storytelling (video, or slide shows) — which they’re going to see all of their lives and need to know how to critically “read” them.

    Thanks for the opportunity to preach;) I’m glad you like those videos!

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