Growing up Online — PBS Frontline Documentary

Growing Up Online

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“The PBS Frontline documentary, Growing Up Online, is an exploration of the digital world that kids are spending a lot of time in these days. Frontline may tend to put a hard spin issues like this, but this one was SCARY… And I’m not even a parent! If this is not a fair depiction of American youth at present, one can easily imagine it in the near future. Educators take various worthy positions on the form media education should take into schools — teach about media without technology, teach about media through collaborative production (wink), etc. Whatever position you take, it is clear, evidenced by videos like this, that emerging digital technologies impact kids’ identity formation and what it means to be a citizen in our culture, and the it is the responsibility of schools to adapt to that influence one way or another.”

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  1. I cant wait to read this article…..So far from what I read it seems really good.
    Looking forward to reading the rest.

  2. Rhys……

    This topic is such a “hot spot”! Computers, like it or not, are the way of the future. The Internet, for the next generations to come, is going to be the only means of communicating. We must educate everyone of the pluses and the pitfalls of the Internet. Children should not be left on their own while surfing on their computers. We were never allowed to “roam the streets”! That is what surfing the Internet is, “roaming” in unchartered, unsupervised waters. You can be taken anywhere in the world and never know with whom or what you are up against. That is the most dangerous part of the Internet, never knowing where you are going to wind up.
    Parents, beware! Educate yourselves and your children on the digital world and go there with caution. It could become a dangerous situation, but it doesn’t have to be if they know the rules of cybersurfing!

  3. I must say that this article hit home. I know noone in my family tried to commit suicide and I know I did not tell you this before. The reason is I did not watch the whole video so I did not know what it was about. Anyway, now that I watched it I had a similar experience. MY cousin when she was like 13 or so maybe even 12 she had some older guy who i believe to be older (and as the article and movie said) you do not ever know who you are talking to. My cousin was talked to online by this guy who was hitting on her and all this stuff then he wanted to meet her. I happen to be at her house that one night and I was 21 at the time, and I Saw her talking to this guy and I said what is going on here. I told her to get off the computer ASAP and I took over on the computer and pretended I Was her. After a while I told him I was her 21 year old cousin and if he ever talks to her again I will personally take care of the situation, and his sick little scheme. It was a very scary experience for her and me. She did not understand what he was trying to do with her. It turns out he was arrested for being an online sex offender. The reason I know this is because he told us his name and he lived in my uncles neighborhood. This just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone who is on the internet, whether you know them or not. I agree with you Ms. Hindy, the children should never be left alone on the computer. They and also parents should be trained on what to look for with people online and certain other issues and what to look for. This was very hard to type but it is a true story.

    Mr. Stegman

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