Lon Po Po, 3rd Grade Book Preview Videos

The third grade wants you to read Lon Po Po by Ed Young! They wrote persuasive scripts and searched for images on the Internet to support and strengthen their words.

Then they recorded narration in iMovie, and edited their images together with their words to create the following “Previews” that are pretty convincing! [Teachers: Visit our Staff blog to see our lesson plan and notes]

Watch the videos below, then leave a reply for the video makers and tell them what you liked, and whether or not you plan on reading Lon Po Po!

Download Coming Soon to your Library! Lon Po Po, by 3-304

Download The Great Lon Po Po, by 3-301

Download Lon Po Po and the 3 Kids, by 3-302

Download Lon Po Po, by 3-307

11 thoughts

  1. To all third graders:

    I want to say that I watched these short videos of the book Lon Po Po and I was convinced that I want to read this book. All these videos are fantastic and are very convincing. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more work and to see your next adventure in the digital media world 🙂

    Mr. Stegman

  2. i like your vidio becase we made it more intresting.We add more dialog and afects.We added woises and sondes.We made a hert betaing sound.

  3. My teacher and class heard the book,but wasn’t sure what was happening torwards the end of the book,Lon PO PO.

  4. We would like to read the book again so we can remember what happened at the end of ”Lon Po Po”.

    1. I will relay the message to the third grade teachers when we get back to school. Where are you teaching and how did you come across our schools website? Keep coming back for plenty more projects to be done.

      Mr. Stegman

  5. Our class enjoyed your production of Lon Po Po. We hope to see more of your movies.
    Thanks for doing a great job!

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