Towels and SharpeiTHE DO GOODERS COMMUNITY ACTION GROUP consists of ESL students in collaboration with other students from the P.S. 130 Community who are interested in helping animals in the community. We are starting small, at local animal shelters. We are looking for towels and blankets that are no longer used in your home.
They must be cleaned before they are donated. Please bring them to room 304 or place them in the box in the lunchroom that has been designated for this collection. This activity is already under way! Let’s make a difference in the lives of the animals that are living in shelters waiting to be adopted into a wonderful and loving home!!!!


OUR WEBSITE ADDRESS IS:   PS130Kids.Edublogs.Org

Highlights of what we are doing:

Giving Animals the right to be comfortable.
The animals deserve to be warm so blankets will help.
Showing care for these animals while they are in a shelter
Do fundraisers in future for these animals.

Mr. Stegman

Download the Word Doc of this Ad

3 thoughts

  1. Hey Everyone……

    If there is anyone out there that has an old blanket or some towels to donate, please bring them to Ms. Hindy’s classroom, so that I can get them to the shelters in a timely manner!!! I sure hope my room gets overflowed with these donations!!! Looking forward to receiving them……….

  2. We would like to help donate towels and blankets to give in.But,what will happen if we didn’t?Is that OK?

  3. Janise and Madelyne……

    We are collecting blankets and towels to help the animals. How could it possibly be OK to not collect anything??? Is this helping the animals in any way, if we don’t have anything to donate???? So, I will say to you and all your classmates, we need to collect all the blankets and towels possible to donate, to help make a difference in a sheltered animals life!!!!!
    So, all you “Do Gooders” out there, Start doing some good and spread the word about our collection of towels and blankets, so that we have something to donate!!!!!

    Ms. Hindy

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