Class 3-307 Discusses Just Juice by Karen Hesse

We have been studying the social issues in the book Just Juice by Karen Hesse.  There is so much that we have been discussing in class together.  Caglar brought up an interesting point about Pa.  He said, “It’s Pa’s fault that the family is loosing their home.  Pa decided to talk back to his boss. That’s why he lost his job.”

Do you agree with Caglar?  Why or why not?

Is it fair that they are loosing their home?

16 thoughts

  1. I think its fair because pa talked back to his boss and thats why they are poor.I wonder why he talked back to his boss.

  2. I think it is fair because if Pa wouldn’t talk back to his boss he would have payed for the letter.

  3. May: I do not agree because now they do not have a house.

    Anas: I do not agree because it’s not fair that they lost their house and they are poor.

  4. I think it’s not fair because,Juice and her family are poor and how are they going to pay their bills?

  5. It is pa’s fault because he did not pay his bills and he should never have lost his job. They need the money to pay the bills.

  6. i agree. pa should not talk balk because he lost his job,and if he lost his job he wouldn’t pay the taxes, because he had no money.

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