4th Grade Video Poetry Unit, May-June 2008


Video Poetry Production Plan

Students will adapt written poems into digital multimedia poetry productions using laptop computers.

  1. teachers will select one student-written poem to adapt
  2. students will sketch storyboards outlining criteria for an image for each line, or stanza of their poem, and write down the key words they will use to search for those images on the Internet
  3. students will search for images on http://images.google.com, or http://creativecommons.org and save them to the laptop that they will create their movie on
  4. students will record themselves reading their poems aloud
  5. students will edit together their saved images and their voice, paying attention to timing and the connection between what is being seen and heard on screen
  6. optionally, students will add music, sound and video effects to their poems ONLY IF they add to the intended tone of the poems
  7. students will export their poems from their editing program for sharing
  8. each class will critique each other’s video poems using a rubric
  9. poems will be uploaded to the school website, and shown in a grade-wide assembly


Technical Plan

  • each class will use the 5th floor Mac laptop cart, rolling it from class to class
  • we will try for 2-period blocks of time at the beginning and end of the process to insure completion of the projects
  • either the projector from the Science room, or Ms. Silberman’s room will be used for group modeling lessons prior to each step in the production
  • designated students in each class will share laptops and work together to create their poems
  • as advanced students finish their poems, they will mentor others


  • create basic computing time for kids
  • support computer literacy and poetry writing unit
  • support media literacy — understanding how adding images, effects and sounds to a recorded poem effect meaning
  • design and support a production experience that can be duplicated and developed for different purposes in the future

NETS Standards

Production Schedule

  • Day 1 – 5.20
    Projection of completed video poetry; Modeling of storyboarding, image search downloading (limit of 5 images per poem); students begin storyboarding, image search & downloading
  • Day 2 – 6.3
    Modeling of narration recording; Students continue image search & download; Advanced students begin recording narration
  • Day 3 – 6.6
    Modeling of slide show editing; Students continue recording narration, and sync images with their recorded voices
  • Day 4 – 6.9
    Modeling of adding music and video effects; Students finish and export their videos
  • Day 5 – 6.10
    In-class screenings of videos, and reflections/critiques using rubrics
  • Day 6 – 6.18
    Projection screening with all 4th grade classes in Cafeteria, parents are invited


  • Need to finalize the 4th grade assembly screening logistics

One thought

  1. Rosie,
    There is an error in this schedule!
    I can’t do 5.23 — that is the day the principals in Ms. Nunziata’s network are coming to visit PS 124!

    We’ll need to fill that in in June.

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