Agenda for 4th grade Media Education

Today’s Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Scope of work — 6 Meetings
  • Discussion of available technology: iMacs 3 Watkins/502; 5 iBooks Val/503 shaky; Brown 0; Silberman 16 PCs
  • Overview of NETS Standards and 130 Goals
  • Showcase 130 tech work to date: Blogging & Video Production
  • Check out 3rd grade planning posts and resources on the staff website (tutorials, lessons etc.)
  • Talk about student-produced tutorials
  • Brainstorm content to adapt from the 4th grade curriculum: social studies or poetry videos
  • Scheduling 6-days: May 16,19…
  • Practice: downloading images, importing to MovieMaker; commenting on the blog


  1. Select student work
  2. Create Storyboards
  3. Collect media/images for Slide Show Videos
  4. Record narration
  5. Add music, sound effects and video effects
  6. Export videos for uploading
  7. Add videos to the school website
  8. Optional activity – have students reflect on the videos through blog comments
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