Computer Skills (a work in progress…)

Colleagues, here’s a brief listing of computer skills that would alllow for greater technology integration with students.  The list is open to feedback, which you can leave as comments to this post.  Hope this makes things clearer where we could be headed with students. Thanks Ms. Silver for your input!

An Initial Sequence of Technology Integration Skills for Our School

(this document is a work-in-progress and feedback is welcome)

Computer Skills (Primary Grades)

A brief list of skills to introduce & reinforce

Computer Skills (Intermediate Skills)

Maintaining & building upon the
primary grades skills…

1. Powering up and powering down computer system

1. Internet safety protocols

2. Use and care of mouse and/or trackpad

2.Identify computer parts (CPU, monitor, input devices, output devices)

3. Log in and out of a network

3. Cut, copy and paste items within documents

4. Navigating to specific documents within hard-drive and within folders

4. Saving documents to specific locations such as student created folders or USB drives

5. Save and save as for documents

5. Renaming and deleting documents or files

6. Close a document or application

6. Identify all characters on keyboard and use keyboard shortcuts for computer commands

7. Scroll, click and drag concepts when working with documents

7. Scanning on Internet using search engines (i.e. locating information

8. Identify the characters most frequently used on keyboard

8. Import graphics, clips and other material from different locations/Internet

9. Type in web address to a teacher directed web site

9. Basic desktop publishing skills: working with fonts, text alignment, tabs, margins, line spacing, columns

10. Use a “painting” application tools such as paint bucket

10. Using spreadsheets to create graphs with math and from data collection surveys and incorporate into documents or presentations


2 thoughts

  1. Ms. SIlberman,

    I tend to agree with what was written in this document. But in looking at it in detail i think something should be changed. I think the ID. of computer parts should be a beginner item not an intermediate item.. and the one on the beginner side where it says attempting to use a paint bucket application should be switched to the other side.

    Just a suggestion.

    Mr. Stegman

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