About Me (Manavi)

Hello there, person reading this! I am Manavi, and I am here to assist you with homework help. Ask me anything that you need help with. I am a fourth grader in Class 4-501 (Ms. Silberman’s class).  Make it hard! I’m ready for it!

Everyday, I use a cellphone to call the people I need to. I also play games on the computer (like probably all other kids!), on sites like Shockwave. And of course, I use the computer. I like playing racing games and also puzzle games such as Jewel Quest.

What kind of technology do you use at school/home?

What games do you play?

What’s your favorite website?

Please answer my questions and we will be in touch!!!


22 thoughts

  1. Manavi…..

    I am a MAC user at home. I have a laptop and a desktop that are both Apple!!!
    I love everything MAC!!!!
    I also use an iPhone, and have an iPod Shuffle!!!!
    I love to play games on my computer!!! My favorite game is Bejeweled!
    I have reached a score of over 1,000,000 already, but I can’t seem to do it again!!!
    I guess I don’t really have a favorite website, as I go all over the internet!!!!
    Ms. Hindy

    1. i use myspace also my aim,yahoo,facebook
      i have a ipod nano and a ds light ihave some nintendos such as wii
      i have 4 tv’s i have a mp phone
      a ps1,2,3
      i also go on youtube.com
      i have wii fit and play virtual basketball

  2. MANAVI, i go on mozilla and go on a website called imeem.com
    its 13 and up, though its doesnt seem that way its actually an ok website
    it doesnt seem like a danger

  3. MANAVI, i go on mozilla and go on a website called imeem.com
    its 13 and up, though its doesnt seem that way its actually an ok website
    it doesnt seem like a danger

  4. I use my friends sidekick all day to chat with my best friend about 6 hours a day insted of reading like I should.

  5. dear manavi,
    manavi i like to go on aim and girlsgogames.com you should try that website out it has a bunch of neat games like devilish hairstyle
    manavi, what is ur fav website?

  6. I use my friends sidekick to chat with my best friend. I miss her, I haven’t seen her since I moved to Brooklyn from the Bronx.

  7. hi manavi.
    at home i use my phone. my phone is my life….! i also use my ipod and nintendo d.s.

    at school i use my ipod and when i can i use the lap tops

    i like to play tag, and cards.

    i like websites like yahoo, miniclip, youtube, and webkinz….

  8. One of the things I do is listen to my i tunes on my computer and download stuff from the i tunes store on to my phone. I also sometimes go on the internet tand listen to stuff and play games.

  9. Manavi…
    At home I have a computer and love to go on the enternet
    I like to play sport games, and watch movies
    My favorite website is, primarygames.com, and google.com

  10. I use the computer a lot and play games like my favorite, Dune Buggy.
    My favorite website is Miniclip.com.
    I also watch about 2 or 3 hours of TV a day. (George Lopez!)
    I also play games on my Xbox360, PS2, PSP, and Wii

  11. This is a very interesting list of comments!

    I use my laptop computer for work, emailing with friends, and

    Could you all imagine living without these technologies, games, shows and gadgets?

    (Manavi, maybe you can ask that question for me in a new post — you get more responses than I do 🙂

  12. Hi Manavi! I have a cellphone(thats halfway broken, lots of scratches!). I call anybody I need to call, I mostly call my family and my one friend. I go on the computer, on the computer I go on yahoo, car games, and youtube, also google ( my computer is Dell and its kind of slow) .The website I love the most is…. yahoo, because instead of wasting my minutes on my cellphone I could chat with friends and play games too! I have a playstation 2, and my three favorite games I play everyday is kingdom hearts 1, kingdom hearts 2, and crazy taxi.

  13. My favorite Computers are PC
    I’d say my favorite website is Google
    I have an Xbox 360 that sadly has “The Red Light Of DOOOM” I also have a WII, I lost Wii sports… so I have Sonic and the black knight… awesome game UNTIL you beet the last boss, and Animal Crossing City Folk its just like regular life except you talk to animals and it never ends, you can go to the city, make new friends (animal friends) you can nurture your town, or you can let it turn into a dump… and the animals dont say a thing about it… oh! and when you think you messed up bad in your town, you can start it all over… you can meet your friends too… and lastly Super Smash Bros. the story is Co-op so i give it a *****. But after, you beat it, its boring… Its a 2D (two dimensional) based game
    My favorite games are MMORPG they are the coolest… you get to meet people online and battle monsters and other things… in one of them called Maplestory I got to level 250… but you cant get higher than that…. so far…. i think. Wow a lot to say huh?

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