Think about it…

Think about what?

Well, you guys all know about all the technology we have, right (obviously (= )? You know, TV, computers, ipods, cellphones, video games, Wii, Playstation, Nintendo DS, etc..  What if we didn’t have all these things? What would it be like? I mean think about it, if you were wayy back in the old days, you wouldn’t have all these things.. What would you do? 

I bet all you guys are thinking that you’d be bored to death. = P But, seriously, what would you do?

4 thoughts

  1. Oh where to begin, if I did not have all this technology to look forward to I would be bored out of my mind. I would not know what to do? We would not have any television so I guess I would have to read a book which is not so bad.. I would rather read it off my computer. With no video game systems there would be no entertainment after a hard day of work. I just do not know what would be if none of this technology wasn’t around.

  2. Ah sure id have fun…. we wouldn’t….. oh….oh…. OH! i understand now… I would bury myself until someone decides to dig in that exact place and dig me up…


  3. It would not be great without technology. We could read books or play outside. But it would be better with technology.

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