Mr. Tantillo’s Class 2-402 Teaches you how to use the Internet

The Internet is: Where you find websites.  You can see it from computers, laptops in different places all over the world.

Website are: Places on the Internet.  Examples:,  Every website has its own web address.  For example, our web address is

Search Engine: A website that you can search for information from around the world on the Internet.  For example you can search on (a search engine) to find information on cats dogs, lions, or anything else.

Key Words: Words that help you find information from the Internet using search engines like,

We searched for the key words “mountains snow caps United States”, and we found a video that told us the information that the highest and longest mountain range in the United States is the Rocky Mountains. Here is the video:  Mountain Region of the United States.

We went to and typed in the key words “rocky mountains” and we clicked on an encyclopedia link in  There was a lot of writing so we had to click on Edit and “Find” and we searched for the word “Highest” and we learned that Mt. Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado.  But it did not tell us that the Rocky Mountains were the highest mountains in the United States.

Author: The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.

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