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  1. 1) the cat has a spoon in its hat the first time, and the second time its holding a lollipop… 2)in the first picture on the pan are 4 cookies, on the second there are 3 cookies with one ticket-thing and there are tons more, but mi too lazy to point them out…

  2. Tay-

    Good Job but there are at least 15 different items that are different to one picture to the other. Keep on going…. You can do it. Spread this around to your friends…there will be more fun stuff to play around with soon.

    Mr .Stegman

  3. The clock,the little girls tongue,cats spoon,cookies,pin in grandma’s hair,the plate,the picture,the two little people,banana’s, socks grandmas’s shirt,frosting,curtains,bush,the whiskers

  4. The cupboards doorknobs are heart shaped not circles; the clock is a different time; the plate has a smiley face; there a faced candles instead of cups on the right; the grandmother isn’t wearing a tie; the little girl’s tongue isn’t sticking out; the square cookie s not there but a bag is; the little girl is wearing socks; the mountain picture frame got eroded; the curtains have a lump; the cat is holding a lollipop instead of a spoon; there are two flowers on the bush instead of one; the grandmother’s hair dose not have a pin in her hair; there are three bananas on the table instead of two; the frosting on the cake is less spiky; the whiskers on the cat are more curved;

  5. plate,time on the clock,the cookie tray,the plant,the picture,grandmas shirt,the cat is holding a candy not a spoon,pin in grandmas hair,and the handle,the blue bowl is missing no the other side,the little girls tung,the little girl is wearing socks in the 2 picture,the frosting on the cake,the bananas on the other side are 3, the curtains on the other side are not the same,

  6. 1) In the fist picture the girl is not wearing socks, iin the secound she is not. 2) First the cat hold the cat had the spoon,secound the cat had a lollypop. 3) The clock. 4) The frosting. 5) Girl’s mouth.

  7. OTHERS:6) Gramma’s head. 7) The plate. 8) The blue cup. 9) The picture. 10) The shelf nob. 11) The plant. 12) The cookies.13) The bannas. 14) The window covers. 15) The dolls. That’s all!

  8. im soooooo confused, probaly because i don’t go to p.s.130 anymore! om im m.s.51 now! i miss everyone sooooo much!

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