Mac VS. PC

We all know that Macs and PCs have their pros and cons. But, isn’t one really better than the other?  There has got to be… but then again everyone has their own opinions and, say, a PC  might fit one person better than a Mac, and a Mac might fit another person better than a PC. 

Here are some Pros and Cons of PCs and Macs : 


Pros: Has own wireless internet (up in the top right left corner), Doesn’t get viruses and it doesn’t have any spyware , Easier to use operating system , easy to use for graphic designs,  and very sleek and ‘cool’ looking 

Cons: It crashes, more expensive to buy, you can’t play some games (like Bejeweled) on Macs,  


Pros : You can pretty run all the games on it, many programs run on it, you may be able to customize it more than a Mac 

Cons: Error message over and over again ,  spyware .. 

Which one would YOU choose? (keep in mind that I haven’t listed all of the pros and cons so there are a lot of things out there)

5 thoughts

  1. you can play bejewled on a mac. I have played it. I have never had my mac crash on me. I totally would pick a mac over a PC anyday of the week.

    Mr. Stegman

    1. You have to download Bejewled on a mac to play it, and macs crash, it might happen to you one day. 🙂

      1. Oh, and have you guys noticed, the time for the comments isn’t right. It says ‘askmanavi, on July 16th, 2009 at 6:17 pm ‘ but really this comment was at the time 2:17.

  2. thanks for this question, Manavi. this is Mr. Andy, Mr. Rhys’ business partner.

    i’d take this opportunity to point out that there are other operating systems out there besides Mac and Windows! take Linux, for example. modern distributions of Linux like Ubuntu are getting pretty easy to use.

    Pro: it’s free (as in “free pizza” and “free speech”); it’s more secure than Windows

    Con: even though it’s a lot easier to use than it used to be, it still takes some tinkering and willingness to “look under the hood” (but the more you do that, the more you learn about computers!)

    keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Manavi and all you other bloggers,

    Here’s an article I came across on this issue from And Moses asked God: Is Mac better than Windows?

    This level of writing in this article is pretty “techie” and advanced, but some of you might be interested in looking at the comparisons he makes in bold.

    Overall, I think that a lot of the problems he described in the Mac computers were ones that he will figure out the more comfortable and familiar he gets with it. That’s a big point for me — if you are used to using one or the other and you switch, you will be uncomfortable for a little while. But once you get going, you’ll see that most of the skills you have will still be useful in either Mac, PC or Linux.

    As for my vote — I’m so comfortable on my Mac, and I love its built-in programs and display — so I’d vote Mac…

    I agree with what the author says in the end:
    “Oh yeah, Mac OS X beats Windows in a lot of ways. You can run Windows, after all, if you choose, with Boot Camp or VMware Fusion. And all of the well-known virtues are true. You’re not constantly on Virus/Worm/Malware alert, the interface is more intuitive in some ways, it’s more streamlined than Vista, it boots faster, and the list goes on. I guess I can live without a docking station–for now.”

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