The Internet — What we’ve Learned!

Today we’re going to use this website to publish definitions of words we’ve learned during our internet research lessons.

We will create an online word wall of Internet vocabulary words by leaving replies to this web post to answer the following questions:

  • What do you need to see web sites on the Internet?
  • If we publish messages (like this one) on the Internet, who will be able to see them?  Give some examples of cities, states, and countries where you can see the Internet.
  • Why do we use the Internet?  What kind of things can you learn about using the Internet?
  • What is a web address?  Type in some examples of web addresses you know of web sites you like.
  • What is a web site?  Give us some examples of web sites you like and use when you are on the Internet.
  • What is a search engine?  What search engines have you used to find images in school this year?
  • What are key words?  Tell us an example of something you found on the Internet using key words.

24 thoughts

  1. You can find the internet in computers. You need an internet connection to look at websites on the internet like

  2. you need a laptop or a computer.

    you can get a web site if you have a computer and a internet.

    1. Victoria,i agree because a web site contains alot of things.and there’s two ways, could search on the web could search on google.One more,3.the internet.

    1. taya,i agree with you because a lap top and a computer both has internet.and Anthony,a laptop and a computer has wires so it has internet.

  3. 1. there are all sorts of websites all around the world on the internet-david and his partner,fahema.

    2. we use the internet to get much more information-fahema and david.

    3.a website is like a television channel.-david and fahema.

    4. a search engine is, yahoo,, -david and fahema.

    5. keywords are words put into a search engine to search the internet. -david and fahema.

  4. You need a web address to get to a site. My favorite website is and Diego’s favorite site is

    Any ways you need your internet to be connected to use the internet . If you want to search for information or more stuff I suggest you use a search engine. .EXAMPLE:,,

  5. When we publish on this website, people in the world who have a computer and have an internet connection can read it.

  6. What is a link? On our site, you can tell it’s a link when the mouse turns into a little hand and points to a colored word that you can click and it
    leads you to a new page.

  7. What is a website ? A website is a place where you can find a lot of information about the topic you are interested in. Some websites have games, stories, sing a longs, time lines, and other smart stuff!! My favorite website is : At this website you can play games with many Disney characters and learn about the shows on the Disney channel. Give it a try… go explore the world wide web and let us know what are some of your favorite websites!

  8. Why do we use the internet? Sheesh…. where do we start… Well, actually we use the internet to search for and find information. For example, we have found information on the internet about public transportation.

  9. The internnet is were you can go to websites like Or you could go to or

  10. What are keywords you ask.. well, keywords are special words that help people to find the website that will teach them what they would like to learn. You use keywords in a search engine, this is a website such as or, and you type them in the search bar… Keywords are never words like a, the, or it..they are the words that describe what your looking for. So if you want to learn about water taxis, you can go to a good search engine…, then type in NYC water taxis in the search bar. Many websites will appear with things to teach you about NYC water taxis… So now if you want to learn about something cool, then go to a search engine and put the important words in the search bar… those words are keywords! Good luck!

  11. WHY do we use the internet.TO learn about the world and search for information.And go to diffrent website to learn and play games.THE internet has lot’s of things to do.

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