Class 3-307’s Character Day Voicethread Production!

Students in Ms. Pagliaro’s class are showing classes around the school their Voicethread projects.  Here’s some of what they explained to Ms. Mack’s students today:

  • Harry : We had get to the website
  • Isabella: Put in URL and Passwords
  • Irhad: we had to copy the URL of the picture and paste it into voicetherad
  • Rushda & Ryan: Command C and command V for copy and paste
  • Erick: We had to learn about highlighting things
  • Abrar: We had to remember what to do
  • First we went to, and

Ms. Mack’s Class was so impressed, that they set a goal to make a Voicethread production of their own!

Here’s Abrar explaining what we did:

Here’s an example of a Voicethread Production

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