Mysteries in Class 3-308

The 3rd graders have been reading and learning about mysteries. Class 3-308 is trying to solve some mysteries going on in our own room. Can you help us solve them?

Mystery #1:

The Case: A Measurement poster appears in the classroom.
When we came in the day after Election Day, there was a measurement poster on the wall by the door. It was not in the Math Center. We don’t know who put it there.

Crime Solvers; Sadia, Abresha, Andy, Diego, Lydia, and Zehaa

The Suspects: Ms. Fera- She is a Math teacher and comes into our room sometimes. She keeps her supplies in our closet.
Ms. Cheikhali- She comes in our room on Fridays to teach us Math.
Ms. Irwin-She knows a lot about math and she is in the library next to our classroom.

Clues: The poster has to do with measurement. The note on the poster says “When can I have my poster back? I may need it. ”

Investigation notes. We asked Ms. Fera and she said it looks familiar. Ms. Cheikhali said she didn’t see anyone with a poster. We asked her to write the words “back and need” because those words were part of the message on the poster.
The handwriting matched so we think it was Ms. Cheikhali. We asked Ms. Cheikhali and she said it was her poster. Mystery solved.

Mystery #2:

The Case: The Missing Boxes

Ms. Lopez gave us boxes to use for a Social Studies project. One day we came into our classroom and the boxes were gone.

Crime Solvers; Aaliyah, Moeen, Janise, Sam and Victoria.

The Suspects: Mr. John- He said he didn’t see any boxes in our room and doesn’t really go in there. He said John Jr. is in charge of our room and the third floor.

Ms. Pagliaro- She acted suspicious when we asked her about the boxes. She had boxes in her room and said they were hers.  Mr. John Jr. took the boxes thinking it was garbage because he cleans our room.

Mystery #3

The Case: The Missing Computer:
One day we found a note on our computer cart it said that we are missing something from our computer cart, when we opened it, a computer was not there and there was a clear glove instead of the computer.

Crime Solvers: Julianna, Zyeem, Vanesa, Janeth, Daniel and Sadman

The Suspects:Mr.Stegman- He helps teachers and works with computers.
Ms. Pagliaro- We saw one of her laptops without a sticker and it had a number 2 on it. The number 2 computer is missing.
Ms.Hindy-We saw her with the same kind of paper the clues were written on
and she works on the third floor.

The Clues:glove,note,fingerprint,handwriting
-The paper the clues are written on
-It is someone that help teachers with computers.
-It is someone who works on the 3rd floor.
-It is someone who works with Mr. Rhyse.

Investigation:We found clues in Ms. Meade’s and Mr. Bracco’s room. We asked Mr. Stegman if he saw anyone go in our room. He thought for awhile and then said no. We also asked Ms. Illardi, Mr. Tantillo and Mr. Bracco. Mr. T tried on the glove but it was too tight. We took Mr. Bracco’s fingerprint but it did not match.

Next we are going to ask Ms. Hindy questions.
Julianna:I asked Ms.Hindy if she saw someone go in or out of 308 with a computer,Ms.Hindy said no. I took Ms.Hindy’s finger print and,handwriting but it did not match.
Mr.Stegmen came in our room and he had a green marker and a glove. Then Janeth went to Mr.Stegmen and asked him if he took our computer. He admitted he did and gave it back. We solved our mystery.

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