Kindergarten Paintings on

Nora’s painting from K-4
William’s painting from K-4

Today the Kindergarten classes were learning how to use the Kindergarten Class Page to find activities and games on any computer they use with an Internet connection — at school, at home, at the library — ANYWHERE!

In the process, teachers showed the students how to:

  1. turn on the computer
  2. log in to the student account
  3. find and open an Internet browser (like Firefox or Safari)
  4. use a mouse properly to scroll up and down, click links, and drag things on the screen

The activity students experimented with today was It allows students to paint on an online canvas with a variety of colors, brushes and tools, replay their painting process, frame their work, and add their finished product to the gallery.

This is a nice activity for assessing and reinforcing fine motor skills that are needed for using a mouse, which are also connected to writing.

Have a look at some of the student work above, and go to to try it out for yourself!

One thought

  1. Hi Ms.Wright i just wanted to leave a note and say my reading level now is level N. And by the way i still have a couple of stuff from kindergarden, like drawings, H.W.,and a book that you gave me.


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