Staff Smartboard Workshop 1 Agenda, Notes & Links: Downloading Lessons, and Linking & Embedding Web Video

May 11 Workshop Agenda, Notes & Links

intro: chart list
list charts you have, and charts you’d like to have (by writing them in our T-Chart on the SMART Board)

review the SMART Idea Exchange

session 1: Lesson Activity Toolkit (LAT) & Smart Tech Exchange Website (3:30-4)
(using lessons that teachers here have found and like, we will go through the process of downloading, installing, and adapting existing files)

  • Overview of Smart Notebook 10.7 (YOU NEED This for your document camera to work)
  • Visit and search Smart Tech Exchange (search: “Smart Exchange”
  • Visit and search Tequipment Resources (search: “tequipment resource center”
  • Search for bookmark Jeopardy for Day 3 Workshop

session 2: Video ( demos 4-4:20, breakout 4:20-4:40)

  • linking a video to a screenshot (i.e. vimeo, teachertube, national geographic)
  • Take a Screenshot of one of the birds on the screen
    Screenshot steps
    : 1) press command + shift + 4 keys, 2) click and drag diagonally across the video window and let go to snap a Screenshot

Insert your screenshot into a Notebook File
Insert an image in Notebook steps: 1) Open a new Notebook file, click “Insert” + “Picture File…” and find the Screenshot image on your desktop and select it (like attaching a picture to an email), 2) click on the screenshot image, click the dropdown menu arrow, and select “Link…”, then copy/paste the address of the video you’re linking to in the “Address” box, 3) click on the globe in the bottom of your screenshot to test the link
[SIDE NOTE: Save your notebook files.  If it is a template, like a chart, keep a blank version.

  • downloading videos from the web
    • search tips (add “Video” to your search, and choose non-youtube options)
  • steps for downloading from
    (NOTE: will only work at home or by plugging in an ethernet cable from an administrator’s computer – i.e. in room 306) 1) go to a video2) copy the address of the video, 3) go to and paste the address into the Download box

  • embedding Flash video (.flv files) from Flash Drives (use “Embed this video.flv file” clip on thumbdrives)

breakout room 30 mins

  • take turns trying all of the above; bring back: problems, questions, and an idea for how to improve or use this in your classroom)
  • debrief & prep for next time (4:40-5)

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The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.

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