May 25 Workshop 2: Charts, Saving Notebook Files, Games, and Special Effects

session 1: Strategies for sharing and storing .Notebook files  (15 mins) (Rhys)

  • naming notebook files (file + Save As), naming conventions (unit name, “template”, or class/year)
  • creating a folder for storing all Notebook files
  • one strategy: Keep 1 large file of routines like morning meeting, blank charts + sub-unit files (i.e. take today’s resources and save them in one file)
  • another strategy: once you develop a file for a unit, save a blank version as a “Template”.  When you’re ready to start
  • emailing or passing on a thumb drive back-and-forth between home and school
  • DO NOW: start a Charts File

session 2: Charts (10 mins demo (Rosie), 20 mins breakout: in Lopez/Kotas rooms, Rhys and Rosie circulate

session 3: Games teachers come with favorite games to share (list them on the school website) (30 mins) (Rhys)

  • online games/self-contained activities (collections) (, starfall, math, graphing…)
  • add new games to the school website
  • teacher choice: (offer these as options)
    • in-room option 1: downloading games – find, download and assess (Rhys)
    • in-room option 2: customizing your own game (editing Jeopardy file downloaded from Smart Tech) (Rosie)

session 4: Special Effects Review: Animations (10 mins demo, 20 mins breakout) (Rhys)

  • page recording
  • reveals
  • animations
  • linking sound
  • breakout

Bonus: iPad as Interactive White Board

Day 2 wrap up: Wallwisher Group Feedback activity(15 mins)  (Rosie)

  • review example:
  • post games you use & love, or games and types of games you are looking for
  • post things you want to remember at the beginning of next year
  • post ideas for routines you can incorporate next year from the start
  • review list on the 130 Smartboard Web Page, and add new links from work done/shared today

Author: The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.

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