Duck Eggs in the Science Lab


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Our Eggs Have Cracked And We Have Ducks!!!

Click on the link to see our eggs in the classroom Gestating

Click on this link to see our egg Rocking out!!!

Click on this link to see our first Duckling Squirt!!!

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Welcome to our new Science Lab page!

Coming soon….. Ducklings and Guppies!

Our 13 Duck eggs are now into day 26. They are nice and warm in their incubator at 100℉.

Special thanks to the PTA and the Sorkin family for helping us to get started!

Hooray and more appreciation to Ms. Charlotte Gibson (Kyndell, and Miranda’s mom) for our huge bucket of Guppies! We are already proud animal parents of 15 new guppies!

Huge hugs and kisses to Carina Adorno (Lilia’s mom, 5-504) for starting our new website! Thanks is not enough!