Brooklyn Bridge Field Trip for Second grade

On a brilliantly sunny Fall day, the PS130 second graders boarded a bus and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for a field trip.  Sure, it was a beautiful day for a walk on the bridge.  But, what was impressing the parent chaperones was more than just the bright blue sky.   It was the historical facts about this local treasure that the children were readily discussing that really wowed the parents.

Here is a letter from a parent to two of the second grade teachers, as well as a few photos from the trip.

Mrs. Ippolito and Ms. Evans,

Well, what can I say? You two are amazing me more and more every day! What a wonderful trip to our beautiful Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. I am still floored by hearing the children on the bus prior to leaving, recite the date the bridge was completed, how long it took to build and all about Mrs. Roebling, etc. I am also very impressed with how the children behaved the entire morning and am still marveling and jealous with envy on how you manage to handle (seamlessly) your class. I am taking lessons here, ladies. How great are you two at doing what you do best? Proven more and more every day, I am telling you.  Here are some mementos for this amazing day – thank you for letting me be a part of this.  Looking forward to many more days with you….I feel very blessed to know you.

Love, KIM