Safety Training

In our continuing efforts to provide a safe learning community for all students and staff members, we are planning developmentally appropriate training for our students in General Response Protocols (GRP’s).   We are mandated to implement schoolwide drills in Fire and Evacuation procedures, as well as in Shelter-In and Lockdown procedures, and we want to make sure that we teach children about these procedures in a manner that does not unnecessarily alarm them. We plan to use a Powerpoint provided to schools by the Department of Education that was designed specifically for use with elementary school children.

You can find a link to the Powerpoint by clicking here.

Our school guidance counselor, Ms. Erin Langstaff, and our PE teacher, Ms. Theresa Bulman, will be giving the training together to each class in the school.  We will do it class by class so as to provide a comfortable, safe environment in which children will feel free to ask questions and voice any concerns.

Please be assured that our primary concern is the safety and well-being of all children under our care.  Children have many questions and concerns about safety procedures in the school, and we believe the best way to address them is through thoughtful, planned and developmentally appropriate training.

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