PTA Nominations

The parent Teacher Association of P.S.130 is holding candidate nominations for next year’s PTA Executive Board 2013-2014.

Final nomination announcements and the close of nominations will be made at a special meeting on Friday May 10, 2013 at 8:50am in the PS130 cafeteria.

All P.S. 130 parents and legal guardians are eligible to nominate and be nominated.  This is a great opportunity to become a part of a team working to make a difference at P.S.130.


President: Attends all meetings including Region/District Presidents’ Council; is core member of the School Leadership Team; provides leadership for the members; delegates responsibilities, and encourages participation in all parent and school activities.

Vice-President:  Assists the President and assumes duties in his/her absence or at the President’s request.

Secretary: Takes minutes during all PTA meetings, prepares notices, and presents minutes to the members.

Treasurer:  Responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA, keeps current financial record, and presents reports to the parents during PTA meetings.

Officer at Large (3 positions): Attends meetings, gives assistance to the other officers in making executive decisions as needed.

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