PS 130 Art Committee Volunteers

The PS130 Art Committee has been volunteering to enrich art in the classroom.  The artwork ties directly into the current curriculum within each grade.  See some of the fabulous work going on here and help by volunteering too!

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Lesle Williams visited each of the third grade classes to lead them in a study of  the Foods of Mexico, enriching the 3rd grade community and geographical curriculum units.  Sketching still lifes of some of the food, the students are asked to focus on texture, shape, and color.  The artwork the class created after the presentation also acts as an exercise in the class literacy unit of study.

Also currently in process from the PS130 Art Committee:

  • A quilt study in the 5th grade, tying into the slavery unit.
  • “It starts with a seed” project in the 2nd grade, tying into the from farm to table unit of study.
  • Happy/sad monsters in kindergarten, tying into their current study about emotions.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Meema Spadola at and include what you would be interested in doing, and if there’s a particular grade you would like to assist with.