December Science News (2013)!

Season’s Greetings!
December is a great time to to talk about the signs of winter and energy use! Our theme this month is Energy! Visit your Public Library or go online to find out more
about Winter Weather, Electrical Circuits, and SCIENCE FAIR TOPICS!
Family Time: Making Rock Candy is a perfect way to study crystals!
Check out
Did you know Rock candy is one of the oldest types of sweets? It was originally used to make medicines for many kinds of illnesses and to hide bitterness.
Warning! This is a HOT project, please ask an adult for help!
    All PS130 families are cordially invited to visit our 4th Grade Art & Healthy Living Expo, December 19th, immediately following our PTA meeting! A walk-through gallery of 4th grade writing and art will be set up for your enjoyment! Our theme is making good choices in nutrition and adding more fruits and vegetables to our diets!
PS 130 Annual SCIENCE FAIR is back!!!
   This year is dedicated to STEM science. Technology and robotics are our theme.
Check your local Library or online for new and exciting projects! “Eggs”, “Volcanoes”, and “Mentos” will not be accepted this year- let’s try new experiments!
   This year our 2014 Science Fair will be held January 15th for grades PreK -2 and
January 16th for grades 3-5. All PS 130 familes are welcome to visit from 5:30-7pm.
  All projects must be mounted on a standard board ( 60cm x 60cm x 120cm.). Boards may be purchased at stationary stores and many 99 cent Stores. All students are invited to submit a project. You may work alone, with family, or in groups of no more than 4 people. Class projects are completed in school and awarded separate prizes.
  Please do not submit experiments or projects that use fire, glass, or chemicalsin jars. You may take pictures of your process if you worked at home with an adult. All entries will recieve a certificate. Prizes will be awarded January 23rd!
   Last year we entered 2 PS130 Science Fair winners into the NYS STEM Science Fair at the Nike Armory in N.Y.C.. Now that we know how it works we will submit the top 2 winners from each grade! Their projects will be on display for 3 days amoung hundreds of other schools! There are no prizes but each student will receive a science bag of goodies and the chance to explain their experiments to hundreds of visitors!
                                           More details will follow soon!