Science Fair Submission Deadline: Monday, January 13, 2014

Entries are pouring in! This is the last weekend to prepare your submissions for our annual PS 130 Science Fair! There’s still plenty of time to create an exciting display! I encourage everyone to challenge themselves and find new innovative experiments! Some ideas could be robotics, technology, or environmental conservation. Students may work alone or with partners, (up to 4) in a group. Several teachers are working with their classes as a whole group and will be judged separately. PLEASE do not submit volcanoes, fire, or chemical-based projects! All projects must be mounted on standard 3 foot tall boards (60 x 60).

There will be ballot-voting during the PS 130 Science Fair to determine the winners. Ballots will be available during the Science Fair on both January 15th, grades PreK-2 and January 16th, grades 3-5. The PS 130 Science Fair is on display from 5:30pm until 7:00pmboth days in the Auditorium! Voting is open to everyone! Winners are based on originality, scientific method, teamwork, and practicality. Every participant will receive a certificate for participation!

As I mentioned before we are interested in entering the NYC STEM Science Fair in June! The top 2 winners from each grade, (10 winners in all) will be invited to display their projects at the Nike Armory along with hundreds of other schools city-wide during this 3 day event! In an effort to eliminate competitiveness STEM does not award trophies, but does give each entrant a great “Scientist’s Kit” and other tokens of appreciation. Last year was the first year and it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by thousands of students vested in STEM experiments!

All Submissions are due this Monday, January, 13, 2014.