January 2014 News & Science Fair Photos!!!

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  I want to thank everyone who participated in the annual PS 130 Science Fair!
This year there were 116 projects and displays to judge! 200 ballots were given out (with a 20 point maximum on each). Most of the overall winners were voted for, however there were quite a few that didn’t receive votes but they were scientifically amazing!
  There will be a display of the top 15 overall Blue Ribbon winners Thursday, January 23rd, at 5:30pm during the January PA meeting.
  The many entries that placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on each grade will be announced and awarded ribbons next week during the school day. Thanks again to Ms. M. Nunziata,
Ms. C. Thaler, Ms. C. Farrell, and the PS 130 Parent’s Association for their support!
1. Will These Objects Roll Down the Ramp I Made?
  Carissa Farfan, Pre-K2 for Scientific Method. (78pts.)
2. Can We Recognize Objects Using Only Our Sense of Touch?
   Olivia Sola, K1 for Originality and Design. (59 pts.)
3. Snow vs. Ice Cubes.
   Willa Simpson, K4 for Scientific Method. (Judge’s Pick.)
4. Subway Lines.
   Miles Wurmfeld, 1-208 for Model/Display. (200 pts.)
5. Cleaning Coins.
   Adam Bueno, 1-206 for Design and Scientific Method. (80 pts.)
6. Lava Lamps.
   Thomas Perotta and Diego Burgos, 2-402 for Teamwork. (135 pts.)
7. The Effect Of Distance On Sound.
   Benji Gruber, 2-401 for Originality and Model/Design. (107 pts.)
8. Which Cup is Best at Preventing Ice From Melting-
         Styrofoam, Paper, or Plastic?
   Eamon Delaney, 3-308 for Design and Scientific Method. (98 pts.)
9. I Fancy Tweety.
   Madison Feliciano, 3/4-307 for Model/Display.  (80 pts.)
10. Newton’s Bouncing Ball Tower.
    Daniel Brenes, 4-502 for Design and Originality. (217 pts.)
11. How to Build a Complete Circuit & Bridge The Gap.
    Sara Elcheikahali, 4-501 for Scientific Method.  (100 pts.)
12. The Human Heart Rate.
   Peter Terranova,4-503 for Model/Display.  (60 pts.)
13. Kelvin Water Dropper.
   Gaia Mota, 5-506 for Design and Scientific Method. (120 pts.)
14. Building a Telescope.
    Umuctan Vargelci, 5-505 for Model/Display. (118 pts.)
      #1 Overall Winner!!!
    Larry Rojas, Kai Lin, and Max Drucker, 5-504 for Design and Teamwork. (240 pts.)
Here are some photos from our Science Fair!

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