May Science News

   April showers bring May flowers and wow, are the blooms so pretty! Nothing like a walk in the park to inspire the spirit! Shake off those winter blues!
Family Time:
 Take a look under the leaf litter. How many little critters can you see? Pillbugs and Sow- bugs are the most common. If it rolls up when you touch it it’s a Pillbug! Look up in the trees. Most of the birds have migrated back to New York. Can you spot the Red Robin?
Library Visit:
  May is a great month for Nature books! Learn how to build a bird house or a birdfeeder. Discover how to plant spice gardens or planters for outside of your home.
There are dozens of books on Insects and how to identify them in the park or woods.
Read about plant and animal life cycles. For many living things the Spring is a time for renewal!
4th Grade Science Test Prep:
   ALL 4th grade Students are invited to attend Wednesday Science Test Prep! Permission slips already went out. The 3 sessions begin today at 3:00pm until 4:30pm.We will have 2 more sessions on May 14th and May 21st. Each session focuses on a different skill for the hands-on, and meets and dismisses in the cafeteria. A light snack will be provided. Afterschool students will return to their after school programs at 4:30pm.
  Weekly packets have been created for practice, in the classrooms, on the multiple choice and short answer parts. Please look for these packets so that you can review the answers with your child.
4th Grade Science Exam:
  The 4th grade NYS Sceince ESPET exam will be May 27th-June 2nd.
The Written part will be given in the classrooms with the homeroom teacher on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 9:00am. The Hands-on Performance part will be given in the Science Lab with Ms. Boyce-El. Make-ups will only be given on Friday, May 30, 2014.
9:00am Performance Dates:
Tuesday, May 27th            Class 4-501
Wednesday, May 28th        Class 4-502
Thursday, May 29th          Class 4-503
Friday, May 30th              Class *3/4-307     * Only 4th grade students!
Friday, May 30th        Make-up exams only on this day!