June Science News


   Apparently my initial post did not save! Briefly, I want to re-wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer! Special thanks to everyone who made our new STEM initiatives a success! Thanks to the PTA for all of their support!
   Our Annual Cooper Union Day with Cooper Women Engineers is this Friday, June 20th. This all-day event enables every student to experiment with engineering concepts!
   Huge congratulations to our 4th grade who worked so hard on the NYS Science Exam!
Special warm wishes for success as our 5th grade moves forward to explore even more fascinating scientific inquiry!
   This summer is a great time to visit the air-conditioned libraries and read about the water cycle or great inventors, (think roller coasters)!
    A trip to the beach or park is an amazing chance to see living things in their natural environments! Please remember that tiny creatures are fascinating but taking them home, out of their natural settings, can do more harm than good. Please return all living things to their habitats! Also, please don’t touch or taste anything without an adult’s permission!
                                              See you all in September!