September Science News!

   Welcome Back! The 2014-15 academic year is off to a raucous start!
Our theme is All About Fall: Trees & Leaves! Do you know why leaves turn brown?
What can the rings inside a tree and rings around branches tell us about timelines?
Wish List: The Lab is in need of soil, seeds, small pots, alpine bedding, rabbit food, hamster/gerbil food, goldfish, snails, magnets, batteries (all sizes), labels, Legos, Stack-ups, plastic animals, duct tape, and liquid glue.
Family Time: Take a walk around the neighborhood. How can you tell it’s Autumn? How can you tell certain animals are getting ready for winter? How are the leaves changing?
Did you know you can make a leaf collage with wax paper and leaves? Or, tape leaves to the back of a paper and rub a crayon on the other side. Can you see the veins in the leaf?
Library Activity: Find books about migration to see how certain animals move to warmer climates. Books about leaf-litter show how many insects hide underground until the spring. I always enjoy craft books that show how to use acorns and leaves to create fun animal shapes.
Annual Events: We will have our Annual PS 130 Science Fair January 14-16, 2015!
All projects are due in the Science lab by Monday, January 12, 2015.
NYS 4th Grade Science exam will be given May 26, 2015 through June 2, 2015!
The exam is set for Classes 4-502,4-503, 4-505, and 3/4-501 (the 4th grade only).