Digital Citizenship Week: October 19 – 25, 2014

October 19-25, 2014 is Digital Citizenship Week!

Build exemplary digital citizens by promoting critical thinking, safe behavior, and responsible online participation.

This week in Technology and Media Literacy our students will be focusing on digital citizenship with discussions, lessons, and video resources.

Working together, at home, as a family helps to develop and reinforce good on-line habits.

A great media and technology resource to reference is  This organization helps families make smart media choices by providing useful articles on issues such as cyberbullying, private and personal information, on-line safety, and acting responsibly in your on-line and off-line communities.  Common Sense Media also provides ratings and reviews for various forms of media.

Common Sense Media offers many helpful resources, including Family Tip Sheets.  Here are some tip sheets geared towards grades K-5: