November Science News!

   I can hear the turkeys gobbling already! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy the brilliant Fall foliage! The weather has been unusually warm and that makes for extended opportunities to explore outdoors!
Big Surprise: I am pleased (and blessed) to thank our PS 130 PTA for their amazing efforts to secure a Heisman Grant for the Science lab in the amount of $7,500! I am busy ordering all new supplies and equipment that will enhance the science curriculum for the entire school!
Theme: We have just completed an extensive Tree Study! We looked at branches and
inside tree trunks to determine the age and type of trees in our neighborhood. We even used compasses to orienteer around the school.
   Our next Unit Theme will focus on Wind-up toys made from recycled paper products.
Home Study: What kind of moveable toys can you make with recycled materials from your home? Maybe a doll out of an old water bottle or a car from a milk carton with soda caps for wheels?
Library Visit: There are tons of books about creating toys from odds and ends around your home. Maybe you can build a recycled robot for the up-coming Science Fair in January? Or maybe you can create a poster with your family about how wood, glass, and rubber are reused and recycled?