December Science News!


In the lab we are finishing up our study of force and motion using Wind-ups and Stomp Rockets! We had so much fun testing how far our “cup cars” and rockets could travel!

Family Time:

Ask your child to show you how to make a wind-up with a paper cup, 2 plates or lids, a rubber band, bead, and a pencil or skewer. Make them in different sizes and race them around the house!

Library Time:

Aside from getting ideas for your science fair project, December is a marvelous time to study crystals and snowflakes!

The PS 130 Annual SCIENCE FAIR is back!!!

This year is dedicated to force and motion! STEM science is always in the forefront. Why and how things move is the seed of studying technology and robotics.

Check your local Library or online for new and exciting projects! “Eggs”, “Volcanoes”, “Flowers soaking up dye”, and “Mentos” have been done too many times. Let’s try new experiments! You can find awesome experiments at!

This year our 2015 Science Fair will be held January 14th for grades PreK -2 and
January 15th for grades 3-5. All PS 130 familes are welcome to visit the auditorium from 5:30-7pm. Classes will visit during the day.

All projects must be mounted on a standard board ( 60cm x 60cm x 120cm).

All projects are due Monday, January 12, 2015 to the science lab! Boards may be purchased at stationary stores and many 99 cent Stores. All students are invited to submit a project. You may work alone, with family, or in groups of no more than 4 people. Class projects are completed in school and awarded separate prizes.

Please do not submit experiments or projects that use fire, glass, or chemicals in jars. You may take pictures of your process if you worked at home with an adult. All entries will recieve a certificate. Prizes will be awarded January 23rd!

As of yet we have not heard any information about this year’s STEM Exhibition at the Nike Armory, usually in June. I will post the information as soon as it comes in!