Safer Streets in Kensington and Windsor Terrace

Councilmember Brad Lander sent out a message regarding the recent Street Safety meeting held here at PS 130.  At the meeting NYC DOT Commissioner, Polly Trottenberg and her team presented some plans to improve street safety within our neighborhood.  Some highlights, include:

  • Street safety improvements around the soon-to-be opened PS 437, including curb extensions at Caton Avenue at E. 7th and E. 8th Streets.
  • Installation of a 20mph “slow zone” around PS 437 and PS 230 (including new signage), and a new stop sign & crosswalk at PS 130.
  • Reducing Caton Avenue to one lane from Ocean Parkway to Coney Island Avenue, with related pedestrian improvements.
  • Increasing pedestrian crossing times at Caton Avenue and Ocean Parkway.
  • Curb extensions and other improvements at the Church/McDonald and Fort Hamilton/McDonald intersections.

DOT also agreed to review and consider additional changes, including a look at the Caton Avenue truck route, a review of many Windsor Terrace intersections for stop signs/traffic signals (McDonald/Terrace, McDonald/Seeley, 19th/Seeley, 20th/Terrace, Vanderbilt/20th/E. 3rd, Caton/East 8th).  Residents spoke passionately about needed improvements at Ocean Parkway/Church, and near the new UPK center at the Bishop Ford building.  We committed to work together to insure that there is a school crossing guard at the new PS 437, and in general to push for improvements to the school crossing guard program.

Please click here to view Brad Lander’s message in it’s entirety.