Say NO to the Cuomo Agenda! Your IMMEDIATE Help is Needed!

PS 130 in collaboration with PS 230, and all NYC Public Schools, need your immediate help!

Governor Cuomo has proposed major changes to education in his State of the State address. He wants to keep 2 billion dollars that is due to New York City Schools, increase the number of charter schools in NYC by adding 100 more, make the state and not principals more involved with teacher evaluations, put struggling school in receivership instead of giving them support, and make 50% of teacher evaluation based on how their students do on state tests. (Currently it is 20%.)

Making teacher evaluations based on standardized tests will mean that teaching in all public schools will focus on test prep even though we don’t believe in the standardized tests. Many states and President Obama are trying to deemphasize standardized tests because it is clear the tests do not give an accurate picture of student learning, or the effectiveness of teachers. But instead of acknowledging standardized testing is doing damage to students and teachers, Cuomo wants to make them count more.

So, we need your help now since this law goes up for a vote on April 1st. We need you to let your legislators know that you disagree with this plan.

1. You can sign the petition that is at our school (in the main office) and it will be sent to Governor Cuomo

2. You can send letters of disapproval to the Governor <Governor Cuomo’s Facebook page> or call 1-518-474-8390 or <Governor Cuomo’s Twitter Page> or

3. You can also click  and sign the letter to let your legislator know you disapprove of the law.

4. We need you to talk to your friends, family members, and post the information on Facebook. We need to get the information out any way you can.

If you believe in the kind of education we do at PS 130, and want it to continue, we need you to stand up and let your voice be heard.

Thank you from the entire PS 130 School Community!